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Posted - 15 Apr 2004 :  07:48:14  Show Profile  Email Poster  Visit Doc's Homepage  Send Doc an instant message  Reply with Quote Send a private message to Doc

This folder of 65 pages contains documents collected by William Waddington of Burnley. Not all pages are occupied by documents. The pages are numbered on the right hand in pencil by SG for identification. The pages of the folder are evidently very good quality paper, there is no discoloration due to acid reaction and the documents have survived well. They should be left as they are.

Calendar compiled by Stanley Challenger Graham BA (Hons), October 2000 for Mr and Mrs Waddington, Hen House Farm, Barnoldswick who are the owners of the papers.

Page 47.


Received of ? ? Godin Esq. Executor of my late Uncle Richard Emmott Esq. Deceased the sum of fifty ponds being the half yearly payment of an annuity of one hundred pounds bequeathed to me by a codicil of the last will and testament of my Uncle Christopher Emmott Esq. Deceased and due the 7th of March last.

Amb Walton.



[In fair hand on paper. Looks like a contemporary copy of the original. This is only an assumption.]

A certificate of a commission granted by the Revd. Father in God John Lord Bishop of Chester, April ye 11th 1`635 to Nicholas Mitchell, Lawrence Hargreaves, Robert Smith, John Higgin, James Robard, James Hartley of Whycollar and Henry Parker, churchwardens for ye parrish and chappelry of Colne for Allotment and Division of ye stalls, forms and seats in ye church according to ye tennor of the same Commission and now by them divided and alloted amongst ye said parishioners as followeth.

Impremis. For the stalls and forms adjoining to ye Chancell on Sun-side of ye Mid Alley they allot as followeth: The first double form at Chancel back and the second next adjoining to the length of one form, they do allot and appoint to Nicholas Townley, esq., for his house at Greenfield and the tenements of Henry Baldwin, Henry Haughton, Lawrence Hartley of Bridge End, Roland Waley and the tenement lately belonging to Henry Mancknowle of Marsden.

Impremis. The third form next adjoining, one length they do allot to John Bannister of Park Hill, gent., for his tenants at Great Hey.
Item. For the other forms at chancel back adjoining to the South Alley (that is to say:- the first double form and the second next adjoining they do appoint to Mr Lawrence Habergham for his house and lands at Foulridge Hall and Robert Emmott for his house and lands at Standroyd.
Item. The third form to the two last allotted to Mr Habergham and Robert Emmott they do allot for the ancient men of the parish to sit in.

The rank between mid alley and south alley allotted as followeth:-
Impremis. The first double-seated form through between the Alleys they do appoint to Mr Henry Doughty, gent., and William Emmott for their chief mansion houses.
Item. They do allot a stall on the south side of the great pillar to the tenants of Mr Doughty at Waterside.
Item. The second form to the pillar they do allot to William Hartley of Bradley and Alexander Parker for their mansion houses.
Item. The third form adjoining the pulpit and great pillar they allot and appoint to Richard Kippax of Marsden.
Item. The double form on the west side of the great pillar, and adjoining to the pulpit they allot to Mr Lawrence Townley of Stone Edge, for Fulshaw and pasture lands, and Edward Spencer for Lomeshaw lands.
Item. The fifth through next beneath the pulpit, they allot to Ambrose Walton for Clough-head, and William Sagar, younger, for Barkerhouse and the lands late belonging to Lawrence Willson of Bradley (viz. Lawrence Whittam, Edward Marsden and Henry Higgin.)
Item. The sixth form they allot to William Emmott for his lands in Wycollar, Robert Folds of Trawden, John Cunliffe for his wife’s lands in Winewall, Henry Shaw for his lands at Blackow, and James Hartley of Wanlas and Alexander Hartley of Blackow for his house and lands at Blackow.
Item. The seventh form they allot to John Hargreaves of Barrowford, Henry Blakey of Blackow, and Christopher Hartley of Barrowford for a house and lands bought of James Shackleton.

Item. The eight they appoint for Ambrose Barcroft for his house and tenement belonging to John Smith, tenant, Thomas Acrondly of Acrondly, Richard Holgate of Foulridge and William Hartley of Ackrondly. [sic.]

Item. The ninth they appoint to James Emmott for Delves land, and for his wife’s land, and John Bannister for his wife’s land at Southfield and Richard Hargreaves of Edge-end.

Item. The tenth they appoint to Nicholas Townley, esq., for James Ridehalgh’s tenement called Holehouses, Lawrence Ormerod of Schofield and the heirs of one Dawson, also Henden lands late belonging to Robert Rushton (that is to say) Joseph Rushton, John Lee, Edward and James Whitaker and Richard Kippax for Birdielands

Item. They appoint to James Wilson of Southfield, Gyles Hammond for Catlow lands, Robert Hargreaves for land at Southfield and Henry Lee of Catlow.

Item. The twelfth they appoint to the heirs of Christopher Folds, for lands in Barrowford, William Hanson or his wife for church lands in Colne, Nicholas Parker for part of Mittons land and Nicholas Townley esq., for Rycroft tenement at Standroyd, Henry Hartley at Barrowford for part of Mittons land and Lawrence Ormeroyd for Michael Greenwood’s house and Thos. Sutcliffe for Christopher Fold’s house in Barrowford.

Item. The thirteenth they appoint to Geoffrey Shackleton of Trawden for a house in Trawden, James Shackleton for the same, for land of James Hartley alias Lores in occupation of John Bancroft and John Hartley, son of Roger, and the lands lately belonging to Henry Hartley of Trawden viz. James Hartley for Lores lands Roger Folds Christopher Hartley, Robert Hartley of Gilford Clough for several parts of the said land and Robert Folds for James Hartley’s land.

[end of document]

SCG/08 January 2001
18,488 words